Owner/Operator Steve Johnson has always been interested in the environment.  A biology and chemistry major from Georgia State University, and a certified Hazardous Materials Manager, he has worked in the environmental field for over 18 years, and has done everything from cleaning up oil spills, train derailments, and underground storage tanks -- to decontaminating meth houses.  

Steve established his own seasonal business treating aquatic weeds in 2008, after realizing that he could do it better -- and less expensively -- than other companies, for his own lake community at Cree Lake.  It didn't take long for people to hear about his new business, and it was only a short time before Everclear Aquatic Management began to take in small to mid-sized jobs for lakes and ponds throughout the Northeast Indiana area.    

He's been going strong -- and growing the company -- ever since.


About us

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Steve Johnson


since 2008 ... & going strong


A graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in Biology & Chemistry, a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and Indiana Licensed Aquatic Applicator, Steve has a wealth of knowledge and experience in bringing balance to your aquatic environment.

With over 18-years experience as an Environmental Scientist, Steve provides the highest level of service to his clients, with the assurance that their lakes and ponds are treated in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Steve is an active member in the Indiana Lakes Management Society (ILMS) and Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society (MAPMS) and as the President of the Cree Lake Association, understands the challenges that lake associations can face.

Steve Johnson currently resides with his wife and two children in Kendallville, Indiana.