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certifications & memberships

  • Indiana Licensed Aquatic Applicator
  • Indiana Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) Contractor
  • Member of the Indiana Lakes Management Society (ILMS)
  • Member of the Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society (MAPMS)
  • Memer of the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce

treatment plans

Your Treatment Plan Includes:

  • Site survey by an Environmental Scientist
  • Treatment Plan developed based on scientific principles
  • Multi-step treatment strategy with seasonal management goals
  • Effective management of nuisance species
  • Cost-effective treatment materials
  • Compliance with state and federal laws/regulations
  • Utilization of experts in plant species identification and chemical  analysis
  • Re-evealuation of treatment objectives and management plan during the application season
  • Applying herbicides early in the season before aquatic weeds become a nuisance
  • Target high-density "hot-spots"
  • Using the right herbicide(s) for the identified target species
  • Using proper application equipment and techniques
  • Using appropriate herbicide form (granular or liquid)
  • We attend public and stakeholder meetings as requested


Everclear offers a wide range of services to meet your needs

Everclear Aquatic Management LLC offers a comprehensive aquatic vegetation and algae control program for both ponds and lakes. Our algaecides and herbicides are effective and safe and are Indiana DNR and EPA-approved for aquatic use. Everclear will provide and execute a scientifically-based, cost effective treatment plan to meet your aquatic weed management goals.

We will work with you and your stakeholders to identify you aquatic weed management objectives and write a treatment program that will provide cost-effective and sustainable results with minimal risks to the aquatic system.


Aquatic Weed Control is Safe

Our goal is to minimize risks

  • Human Health and Safety is our #1 priority
  • Aquatic Weed Management is Protective of Non-Target Species
  • We will identify sensitive native species and use herbicides to prevent harm
  • We are up-to-date with current literature of toxicity thresholds of target and non-target-species


cost effective

Aquatic Weed Management is Cost Effective

  • Everclear guarantees the best price for your water management program!
  • Managing aquatic weeds increases the value of your property!
  • With our free estimate, you've got nothing to lose!